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Agusta Pinto, Portugal
Linking different cultures on the same site is on of the most interesting aspects of the VRScit project and the use of virtual reality is very appealing to all ages.

Alexandre Antunes, Portugal
It brings important historical and cultural elements of different cities and countries through an audiovisual experience and is presented with different music genres. It also facilitates educational tourism learning.

Ana Afonso, Portugal
In my point of view is to learn about the traditional and typical things of each country/city, is a very interesting and an immersive experience where we can learn about the local culture of different cities.

Andrius P., Lithuania
As I am interesting into reading the articles about technologies and technological solutions used in education, I could confirm, that literature review of academic publications about VR applied to educational tourism were useful to upgrade my knowledge.

Andrius S., Lithuania
I found 3D models interesting and suitable to show to my 11th grade students during Informatics when I teach about Media.

Audronė S.B., Lithuania
I used 360 video and VR objects to improve my Geography lesson, additional visualization made my lesson more attractive and pupils liked that.

Aušra, Lithuania
I enjoyed travelling virtually and getting to know other countries.

C.O, España
VRSciT SPOT y Online Web Toolkit. El primero porque permite demostrar diferentes experiencias de realidad virtual en entornos distintos y el segundo porque ofrece un conjunto de modelos 3d utilizables por otros usuarios.

Carla Mendes, Portugal
We can use this anytime we visit the science center. So, to have this in my hometown is very cool.

Clotilde Nogueira, Portugal
One of the most interesting aspects of the VRScit project is the creation of videos promoting the culture and tourism of the countries involved.

Cristina Mendes, Portugal
It gave new life to the science centre. The project is cool because is with other countries as well, which makes Bragança internationally known.

D.T, Spain
El spot de VR. Lo más interesante es utilizar las gafas de VR para visitar lugares interesantes como los que se han visitado.

Daiva, Lithuania
It's great that the project brings together people from different nations.

Danutė V., Lithuania
I used information found in Literature review for my students in Adult Education Centre as additional readings for their homework to deepen their knowledge how VR and methods could be used in education and cultural area, also seeing the feedback from students they got knowledge about other countries, educational tourism, cultural innovations.

E.F., Colombia
Using virtual reality to enter certain off-limits areas

E.I, Spain
Disponer de una revisión de la literatura sobre la aplicación de la Realidad Virtual además de un toolkit para visualizar los respectivos modelos 3d obtenidos en el proyecto.

E.P., Germany
Educational innovation

E.R, Spain
La posibilidad de conocer otras culturas.

Eglė , Lithuania
It makes sense that the project has produced several different products.

F.I, Spain
La revisión de la literatura es extensa y puede aprovecharse en trabajos personales. Utilización de tecnología novedosa

Felipe Gimenez da Silva, Portugal
Inclusion of teach, history and culture.

Fernanda Gomes, Portugal
The aspects and strengths of the project are due to making virtual reality better known, and developing virtual reality projects, leaving public on the web the experience of knowing spaces and objects even at a distance.

Gediminas G., Lithuania
3D models presented could be used in History lesson when we talk about specific topics, for example, Lithuanian cases as ANBO IV Plane, Petras Rimša's sculpture "Lithuanian School 1864-1904" and others. Objects presented by partners countries could be presented during Geography and History lessons when we talk about other cultures.

Henar García, España
El lugar de visualización. La capacidad para visitar lugares lejanos con realidad virtual

Horácio Pinto, Portugal
That it connects techology with education. You can use the glasses for a class lesson and join learning with fun.

Ieva, Lithuania
It's very interesting to use VR glasses - I've never had an opportunity tu use this technology.

Ingrida, Lithuania
As I work in adult education myself, I intend to use the VRSciT physical space for non-formal education.

J.C, Ecuador
El spot es una manera de llamar la atención del usuario e interesarse por la información disponible. Me ha gustado la digitación en 3d de objetos

J.C, Spain
Literature Review porque ofrece un listado de evidencias científicas para poder analizar diferentes aspectos relativos a la aplicación de la Realidad Virtual.

J.S., Spain
VRSciT SPOT. La capacidad para enseñar lugares con un alto grado de inmersión, además de la información extra.

J.S., Spain
Being able to visit interesting places without leaving your armchair.

Jacinta Eugénio, Portugal
It is very interesting, although in a virtual way, to visit the places and feel that it transports us to the reality of the spaces. The project contains a lot of useful information, content with the capacity to develop different and enthusiastic activities that provoke the acquisition of knowledge through technology.

Jolanta, Lithuania
I liked that it can be used in different places, even at home.

Juan Borja , Spain
New technology for the kids and visitors like us. Such an amazing and also unique experience. Also good to have Spain involved.

Kęstas, Lithuania
I liked the presentation of different cultures.

Laura, Lithuania
Very inovative and full of unseen things.

Lina, Lithuania
I liked the versatility of the products, suitable for both adults and children.

Margarida Rodrigues, Portugal
Being able to get to know other cultures and traditions virtually

Maria Rita Pereira, Portugal
The inclusion of 4 countries, since it gives a more wide perspective of Europe.

Maria Severiano, Portugal
It is very complete: We can use it as a source of literature, to learn, as a source of fun and inspiration using the 3D glasses and for teachers with the lesson plans.

Meroua Foughar, Argélia
Virtual reality experience; Very useful and well done made glasses; Visual engagement; Accessibility; Interactive activity; Enjoyable to explore.

Miglė, Lithuania
Very interesting content and idea of the project.

Monika, Lithuania
As a regular visitor to the museum, I really liked the virtual reality glasses.

Nelson Pinto, Portugal
The most interesting aspects of this project is the way it has been structured and the way it has combined the creation of videos and 3d objects for the dissemination and promotion of virtual tourism.

Nieves Borja, Spain
The exposition with the glasses is very nice to visit, the science center looks very interesting with this glasses and experiences. The Tool Kit is always a plus for teachers.

Not specified, Lithuania
All the tools are very useful.

Not specified, Lithuania
I really liked the online toolkit.

O.P., Spain
Todo el proyecto es muy interesante.

P.F., Spain
Online Web Toolkit. Me resulta muy interesante desde el punto de vista educativo.

P.Z., Spain
Las herramientas online. Poder utilizar y experimentar con herramientas avanzadas

Pedro Mendes , Portugal
These projects are always good for projecting Bragança. maybe a new one will come after this. And more exibitions as fun!

R.O, Spain
Los videos de los spot son muy interesantes. Esta muy bien organizada la información en cada parte del proyecto

Rūta, Lithuania
Beautiful virtual tour.

S.R, Spain
El mayor atractivo del proyecto es la recreación de diferentes experiencias de realidad virtual relacionadas con el turismo, así como la disponibilidad de utilizar libremente algunos de los objetos 3D basados en sus correspondientes objetos reales.

S.Z., Italy
I appreciate very much the online web tool because it allows my students to interact directly from their computers.

Simonas, Lithuania
I would consider the participation of different countries to be an advantage.

Sofia Ferreira, Portugal
Virtual reality is very interesting because we can easily be transported to physical space and its surroundings. With virtual reality we can learn a little more about other cultures and customs. It is a project that contains a lot of interesting information.

T.G, Italy
The teaching methodologies proposed to carry out educational activities with the materials is very interesting

T.H., Spain
La revisión de la literatura. Es útil en mi trabajo. Posibilidad de comparar distintas culturas.

Viktorija L., Lithuania
I am glad that I had opportunity to be a part of VRSciT project and to develop Lesson plans as well to review lesson plans developed by other partners, the presentation of them in international team and discussion of how to improve them deepened my knowledge in lesson plans development, as well I had shared them with adult education centre where teachers will use them during their lessons. Including all VR products developed in VRSciT project I believe that lessons for students will become more attractive and involving.

Vítor Fernandes, Portugal
The strengths of the site are the possibility to visualise places of interest, history and other cultures from a distance, through virtual reality, in an appealing and dynamic way.

Vytas, Lithuania
I liked all the products very much.

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